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The Liverpool Daily Post of Wednesday 1st July 1942 carried an article by Jan Gordon on ARTISTS’ AID FOR RUSSIA —♦ ATTRACTIVE EXHIBITION " Another attempt at congregating the two and forty warring sects of art in the common cause of charity is the Artists Aid Russia Exhibition, opened by Mme. Maisky, at Hertford House, the home of the Wallace collection, to help Mrs. Churchill’s fund. It is undoubtedly a more successful congregation than those held at the Royal Academy under the United Artists’ scheme. The reasons may be two; it is a lot smaller—picture exhibitions become almost mathematically more difficult according to the square of their size—but also the selections have been judiciously wangled, number of key artists having been invited in hors concours. Anyway, the result is a lively exhibition to which artists have sent really good works of their kinds, and not too many that have been seen before. Epstein has sent three grand busts, including a newly-finished powerful

Jan Gordon's run-in with the Police

I came across an amusing report of Jan Gordon's run-in with the law in the "Police News" of Friday 14th September 1934 in the Chelmsford Chronicle. " Licence Not Signed.  Godfrey Jervis Gordon, Clanricarde Gardens, London, was fined 2/6 for failing to sign his driving licence ." Meanwhile, George Buckley of Hoxton was fined 5/- for riding his bicycle without a light at Witham. Exciting times!