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Cora Gordon at the Pump Room, Bath, 1937

I last visited the very elegant  Pump Room  in Bath in the summer of 2014 (6th July). Cora Gordon was there in 1937, as noted by the Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette, Saturday 4th December 1937. " VAGABONDS IN EUROPE   Forthcoming Pump Room Travel Talk Cora Gordon, joint author of 'Misadventures with a Donkey in Spain,' and the 'Vagabond' series of travel books by Jan and Cora Gordon , will give an illustrated travel talk at the Pump Room, Bath, on Friday, Dec. 10th, at 5 p.m., entitled, 'Through Europe on Foot and Horseback.' Jan and Cora Gordon went abroad to paint pictures. Having little money and a strong desire to stay as long as possible, they went to a s mall town in Spain . Their adventures were so unexpected and characteristic of the country that the book about these experiences, written and illustrated by themselves, 'Two Vagabonds in Spain,' was a great success. Having tasted the delights of living cheaply in one country, Jan

Jan and Cora Gordon: A London Exibition, 1937

I just came across a short review of the exhibition held by Jan and Cora Gordon at the Lefevre Galleries in March-April 1937 . The report is in the Scotsman of Wednesday 10th March 1937. " JAN AND CORA GORDON At the Lefevre Galleries are four one-room shows, all of much interest. The Gordons, Jan and Cora, have each a group of paintings; Jan, tempera compositions of everyday subjects; Cora small oils of sunny towns. Both prefer downright colour-assertions to any subtleties of tone. And they like pattern that is broad, squarish, and telling. They have had a jolly time making these pictures. They like vermilion and sunshine and pictures with human interest - lots of it. Jan's London scenes are great fun. The other exhibitors at this Gallery are Fergus Graham and Ben Nicholson. Fergus Graham paints grey, sad pastorals, bare and spacious, with a few trees all carefully garnished with twigs. No less lugubrious are his mystic compositions, where he approaches the border-line