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The Colour of Spain by Jan Gordon 1921

Colour Magazine in February 1921 carried an article by Jan Gordon on "The Colour of Spain." Delightfully for me, the first picture shown in the article, "La Rambla" by Cora Gordon, is of a painting that currently hangs on one of our walls. It successfully evokes the heat and sunlight of southern Spain. The Gordons recorded their impressions of southern Spain in two very enjoyable books, ""Poor Folk in Spain" (1922) and "Misadventures with a Donkey" (1924).  In the article, Jan Gordon considers Spain to be a painter's paradise, though not without its difficulties. He writes, "T o the painter, as human being, Spain has serious defects ." These included  prickly heat, thirst and the effects of drinking " water none too pure " and,  " Old Father Sol drives away the man where the artist would linger ." He adds that, " Dust, flies, vermin, and a courteous but over talkative population, add to the painter