Jan and Cora Gordon in Sheffield, 1931

The Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer for Tuesday 20 January 1931 contains a note about a visit to Yorkshire by Cora Gordon.

"A well-known pair of artists who have their studio in Montparnasse are Jan and Cora Gordon. You can go there to tea and drink cocktails if you like them better. You meet there all sorts and conditions of men, and you enjoy yourself very much. They gave their last party before leaving for England last week.

I am not quite clear in my mind about an exhibition in London, and just when and where it is going to be, but I do know that Cora Gordon is going up to Sheffield at the end of the month to give two or more lectures about the travels which she and her husband have done together. Their books tell you a lot about these, but you have to hear them talk and play those wooden instruments from Albania to get the colour and fun of it all."

Their exhibition, at London's Twenty One Gallery, began on February 11th 1931


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