Jan and Cora Gordon: Two Vagabonds in Sweden and Lapland, Oakland Tribune 1926

The Oakland Tribune of 31st October 1926 has an enthusiastic small article about Jan and Cora Gordon as follows:

"Jan and Cora Gordon who roam the wide world in search of color, of people and of adventure, have again blazed into the heavens of travel literature with "Two Vagabonds in Sweden and Lapland." Their art is sure, their vision sympathetic and their method of telling diverting. Added to this are illustrations as characteristic and vivid as in their earlier work.

To follow two such "vagabonds" around the globe is to know the world's people as they truly are. One learns little nationalism, to be sure; and less of politics, but the reader soon comes to understand "how the other half lives," which should be the objective of all good travel books."

For more on the "Two Vagabonds in Sweden and Lapland" book, see:

- "Two Vagabonds in Sweden" 1926. See: http://janandcoragordonart.blogspot.com/2014/05/jan-and-cora-gordon-master-fiddler-of.html 

- Jan and Cora Gordon on "Lapland's Pagan Music", 1925: http://janandcoragordonart.blogspot.com/2015/03/jan-and-cora-gordon-on-laplands-pagan.html 

and http://www.pbase.com/hajar/jan_and_cora_gordon_two_vagabond_adventures 


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