Jan Gordon Etchings at the London Salon, 1911

The art critic of the Sheffield Daily Telegraph on Monday 31 July 1911 reported on the 1911 London Salon.

"The real Academy - I am writing to those who think the Academy representative of modern effort and therefore worthy of consideration - is the London Salon of the Allied Artists' Association, at the Albert Hall."

"There is not much sculpture of note, but Mr. T.W. Wilkinson's bronzes are admirably faithful and unforced. There is much good black and white, including some fine little etchings of Jan Gordon ; some water-colour drawings of Paul Emile ; also several miniatures and applied art. In the Albert Hall for the next month there will be on view honest, clean art ; as the Society itself says, untouched by favouritism and unrepressed by a selective jury."

A summary of the early shows of Jan and Cora Gordon can be found here and here and accounts in "American Art News" can be found here.


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