Art Exhibitions by Jan and Cora Gordon

After a successful search over the past few years, in English and French newspapers, for accounts of art exhibitions at which works of Jan and Cora Gordon were shown, now seems a good moment to take stock and summarise.

They span 36 years, from 1908 to 1944.

Contemporary reviews varied, from effusive in the case of the 1913 Paris exhibitions to dismissive for some of the earlier English shows, to positive for the later London shows, and deeply affectionate in the case of that final 1944 show at the Modern Gallery.

The links associated with each of the exhibitions mentioned below take you to an article on that particular show, including in most cases contemporary views of the artworks.

-1908, Salon des Beaux-Arts, Paris.

-1909, Buxton, Derbyshire.

-1909-10, Ghent, Belgium.

-1910, Paris Salon.

-1911, London Salon. 

-1912, Baillie Gallery, London.

-1913 (March). Galerie Henri Manuel, Paris. 

-1913 (December), Galerie Henri Manuel, Paris. 

-1916, Walker's Galleries, London.

-1919, Little Art Rooms, London. 

-1921, Burlington Gallery, London. 

-1925, XXI Gallery, London. 

-1927. Weyhe Gallery, New York.

-1931, XXI (Twenty One) Gallery, London. 

-1934. Lefevre Galleries, London.

-1937. Lefevre Galleries, London. 

-1944, Modern Gallery, London. 

A sample of artworks by Jan Gordon can be found here, and by Cora Josephine, here.


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