1919: "Jan and Jo Gordon, of Serbian, as well as of artistic fame"

"The Sketch" of Wednesday 5th February 1919 has a segment on "A DIAGNOSIS OF DANCING" by MARTHE TROLY- CURTIN, author of "Phrynette's Letter from London."

Jan and Cora Gordon get a mention:

"There was a jolly party on the 18th at the quaint Futurist little house in St. John's Wood of Miss Ella Erskine, the actress. The costumes were varied and amusing, ranging from that worn by Mr. Leoneff, the Russian dancer, to the Quaker like grey dress worn by the beautiful Eve Balfour, whose portrait by Take Sato you have lately admired in Colour. 

I also noticed, dancing in gay clothes and gay mood, Jan and Jo Gordon, of Serbian, as well as of artistic fame. Lady Dorothy Mills wore black with green things."

Like the Gordons, Lady Dorothy Mills was a traveller, thought to be the first "white woman" to visit Timbuktu ("The Road to Timbuktu" 1924), and a later explorer of the Orinoco River ("The country of the Orinoco" 1931).


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