An unfavourable review of a 1934 exhibition by Jan and Cora Gordon

Jan and Cora Gordon exhibited in the Lefevre Gallery London in 1937 to some favourable reviews. However, I just discovered some far less supportive comments on a 1934 show in the same gallery.

The London Art Critic for The Scotsman (Friday October 19th, 1934) found the work of Sine Mackinnon (1901-1997) "eminently urbane, sophisticated, polished." The critic ranks Mackinnon "among the half-dozen best women painters in London. Who are they? Well, offhand, I suggest Eve Kirk, Winifred Nicholson, A.K. Browning, and Margaret Fisher-Prout, though duty compels me to add that Laura Knight and Ethel Walker have serious claims, and doubtless I have forgotten many others."

In contrast, the critic makes the following observations on the works by Jan and Cora Gordon: "The Gordons, well-known for their travel books, paint very much alike. The only difference is technical. Cora uses oil and Jan water-colour and tempera. Their work is pleasant but heavy-handed. To borrow another phrase from the game of tennis, the Gordons are merely good club players, while Sine Mackinnon is 'seeded.'"


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