Jan Gordon, of Aberdeenshire stock, on the People's Poetry, 1930

The Dundee Courier, Wednesday 14th May 1930 carries a story about Jan Gordon's Aberdeenshire ancestors and his public talk on the people's poetry. Gordon was not well known for his poetry, although he much later published a small book of nonsense rhymes on famous artists, "Art Ain't All Paint" (1944).

"Of Aberdeenshire stock.

Jan and Cora Gordon, whose leisurely travels through Europe have been so delightfully recorded in the various books they have collaborated in writing, are to be the guests of the Poets' Club in London on Friday evening. Jan, whose real name, by the way, is Godfrey Jervis Gordon, will speak of the people's poetry of to-day in the many lands he has visited, and will also read from his own verse. Like Mr Henry Simpson, the banker poet (nephew of the late Mr Alexander Forbes of Aberdeen), who looks upon the Poets' Club as a pet child, Mr Gordon comes of Aberdeenshire stock. His ancestor, Mr William Gordon, was the schoolmaster of Monymusk, and the late Dr William Gordon, of Ballater, was a member of the branch of the family which stuck to Aberdeen."


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