Cora J. Gordon: Pencil Sketches

Reframing etchings by Jan Gordon (illustrations of their second Spanish journey) I found a couple of sketches by Cora Gordon on the backing cards. These show a very different style from that of Jan Gordon's sketch for the Ashley Smith portrait.

The first shows an elegant standing female figure, purse in hand.

It reminds me a little of the illustration of Cora, walking in the rain with Jan as "Epicures in Indigence" in "On a Paris Roundabout" (1927).

The second is of a refined female head with hat.

Perhaps these are just doodles, but they almost have the feel of fashion drawings. For example, "Features from August 1929 and Spring 1930 in Britannia and Eve depicted the high modernity of late 1920s fashions in the popular illustrative style of the period, with abstracted, sharply delineated faces drawn in side or three-quarter profiles. Shoulders were square, figures were long and slim with few curves." (Buckley & Fawcett 2002). 

Entertaining to discover these fragmentary sketches and sense their spontaneity.


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