Jan and Cora Gordon: "A pair of joyous and resourceful travellers"

I just read a comment on Jan and Cora Gordon that I had not seen before, in the “Editorial Diary” section of the Glasgow Herald from February 5th 1944:

“A partnership that brought enjoyment to readers in all the English-speaking countries is broken by the death of Jan Gordon, which we recorded yesterday. He and his wife were a pair of joyous and resourceful travellers, and they could make a delightful book out of any journey. They shared the writing and both were artists. They preferred an unspoilt land, simple folk, and what the average tourist would call hardship.

All modes of transport were fun for them. “Two Vagabonds” in Serbia, in Spain, in Languedoc showed this. In crossing America to find “Star-Dust in Hollywood” they had, of course, to drive a flivver. Jan Gordon would not have settled down in London writing art criticism for “The Observer” if he had been strong enough to keep going on the main road.”

The obituary of Jan Gordon written in “The Studio” can be read here and a comprehensive overview of their books can be found here.

Obituary of Jan Gordon in the Glasgow Herald.


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