Jan and Cora Gordon: A Ginger Cat to Contrast Harmoniously with Blue Walls

Rereading "The London Roundabout" by Jan and Cora Gordon (published in 1933), I came across the following paragraph about blue walls and a ginger cat:

"Excluding the tunnel, our best room was papered a fine deep blue. In this we had an old table, two chairs - one a wedding-present, the other senile -  an easel, and an upturned picture-case as a model throne. We had tried in vain to find an orange cat to contrast harmoniously with our blue walls, but failing this we found a huge yellow Chinese vase."

How delightful, then, this painting by Cora Gordon in which she places the dreamt-of harmonious orange cat next to a vase of flowers in the foreground, looking back over its shoulders at the viewer.

The Times Literary Supplement of the day comments on this book as follows:

"The most entertaining quality in this entertaining book is the authors' zest for their fellow-men, their adventurous conversations. They are quick to find the real behind the official man. They have, too, the secret of happiness."


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