Cora J. Gordon: Sketching in Hyde Park

In "A Step-ladder to Painting"(1934) by Jan Gordon can be found a section on "The Fountain Pen."

"For many years Cora Gordon has made a habit of using the meetings at Hyde Park as a most profitable ground for character sketching." This forms the subject for a chapter in "The London Roundabout" (1933).

Pen sketches by Cora J. Gordon (Step-ladder to Painting) of characters in Hyde Park, London

"It is splendid fun but can also be very hard work. After three or four hours of intensive sketching in the Park, Mrs. Gordon often comes home quite exhausted. In that time she might have drawn perhaps a hundred heads, at least thirty of which will be brilliant summaries of character likeness."

I remember hearing this story as a youth, with an emphasis on drawing directly in ink: "If you can't correct you are bound to observe with precision."


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