Jan Gordon: "Small Coast Town" In "Colour" Magazine

Browsing through a 1920 copy of "Colour" magazine, "The most Fascinating Magazine in the World", I came across this picture by Jan Gordon:


The accompanying text is as follows: "The subject has been seen primarily as a pattern in colour, but at the same time the "lie of the land" has been realised, so that there is no defect of solidity. This is mainly a question of values; of getting the patches of colour exactly the right depth in relation to the general scheme."

The style is very reminiscent of this painting of a Sussex scene. It is painted from a viewpoint on the hill above Sennen Cove in Cornwall. The view has not changed much since then.

Sennen Cove in 2014

The magazine contains an endorsement from Frank Brangwyn, R.A., who had taught Jan Gordon art: "It is a pleasure for me to join the many who have praised "Colour" and its excellent reproductions. It would be hard to improve upon it."


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