Jan and Cora Gordon in L'Homme Libre, December 1913

I recently came across the following brief review (by Jean Silvin) in L'Homme Libre (December 8th 1913) of a show by Jan and Cora Gordon in Paris.

The show was at Galerie Henri Manuel, 27, rue du Faubourg-Montmartre. Silvin enjoyed the lively and original character of Jan Gordon's works, especially the watercolours. He admired the rich colours, movement and atmosphere of his Mediterranean impressions. He also enjoyed Cora Gordon's "delicious fantasies" - see this review in The Observer for a different perspective!  Édouard de Max had a similar view to Silvin of Cora Gordon's "rather exotic art." 

Very interestingly, this edition of L'Homme Libre also contains a discussion of the ministerial crisis ongoing at the time (one of the two possibilities I mentioned here), which makes the show referred to consistent with the account of the Gordon's exhibition at Galerie Manuel in "Gradus ad ... Montparnassum" (1929). The chronology of that account is then inconsistent with the timing of the Gordons' first London show. This December show may not have been their first at Galerie Henri Manuel, but perhaps the incident of the fall of the ministry was too good to omit from the 1929 story.


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