Obituary of Jan Gordon in the Manchester Guardian

The Manchester Guardian ran a not entirely accurate obituary of Jan Gordon on February 3rd 1944, page 6:

"Mr. Godfrey Jervis Gordon (Jan Gordon) died in London yesterday at the age of 62.
He was the son of the Rev. A. Gordon and was educated at Marlborough College and the Truro School of mines. After the Great War, in which he served as a lieutenant in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, he took up art, and was equally interested in folk-music and in studying life abroad. With his wife, Cora (who survives him), he wandered in out-of-the-way corners of Europe and America, and when abroad always made a point of learning to play a national instrument of the country they happened to be exploring and learning the national dance. Thus Gordon played not only the guitar but exotic instruments such as the bezaka, the grizla, and the zither."

"The results of their travels were a number of interesting books which they illustrated themselves, lectures interspersed with folk-music which they played on various instruments, and exhibitions of sketches. A protracted stay in Hollywood resulted in a lively account of life there entitled "Star-dust in Hollywood." After twenty years abroad they settled in London."

More obituaries of Jan Gordon can be seen here.


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