Jan Gordon's Art Ain't All Paint, 1944

Jan Gordon's last book, "Art Ain't All Paint" was published in January 1944, in the month before his death.

His collaborator on the book was H.M. Bateman and there is a lovely page with a caricature of each of the two friends.

The Manchester Guardian (1944, July 14th) provides the following brief review:

"Artistic Licence is the keynote of Art Ain't All Paint, by Jan Gordon and H.M. Bateman (Feature Books, pp. 85. 12s. 6d.). Mr. Gordon supplies potted estimates of many of the world's famous artists in determined doggerel - 

If you want to know all about Art,
Try this book ; it may give you a start -

and Mr. Bateman an illustrated commentary in his own comic style. An earnest attempt is also made to supply a rhyme or near-rhyme for the name of every artist mentioned. The prose notes at the end offer more serious estimates of the same artists, but a wayward cheerfulness creeps in."


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